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Stoveman Ireland

About Us

Welcome to Stoveman, your premier destination for expert solutions in solid fuel heating. Since our launch in 2013, Stoveman Galway has been the go-to place for top-quality solid fuel stoves in Galway and beyond.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect stove for your home, ensuring both warmth and style. With our commitment to excellence, we offer a professional installation service, transforming your living space into a warm and cosy haven.

But we don't stop at stoves. Stoveman provides a complete heating and plumbing service to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Our comprehensive heating service covers everything from installation to maintenance and repairs, ensuring your heating system operates at its best.

Let us make your house feel like a home with our specialised stove fitting service. Our experts at Stoveman excel in expertly installing fireplaces and stoves, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your living space.

At Stoveman, we understand the importance of personalised service. Our qualified stove fitters and plumbers are here to advise you on your heating and plumbing needs. 

For homes without a chimney, Stoveman Galway specializes in providing innovative solutions to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of solid fuel heating.

Choose Stoveman for a seamless, expert, and customer-focused experience in solid fuel heating. Your comfort is our priority.

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